About Gretchen

Hey! I’m Gretchen.


We haven’t met, but I have a strong feeling we have a lot in common. Young, ambitious, and maybe feeling a little lost… but always optimistic about what lies ahead.

I have spent the past five years studying communication and marketing, completing my undergraduate degree at Ohio University and going on to pursue my master’s education in personal and mediated communication at Kent State University. I’ve always been driven and excited about advancing my career, but have found that there have been a lot of unexpected challenges along the way.

Luckily, I have had some amazing people (and two snuggly kitties) to help navigate these challenges. I’m here to spread some of the wisdom I’ve gained from those around me and share some of the tips I continue to learn as I go. You can learn more about my professional journey on my LinkedIn page, and hear some of the thoughts I’m sharing about health and wellness with the community of the Wine & Shine podcast.

We haven’t met yet, but that’s about to change. Let’s tackle our twenties… together.