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When I was in sixth grade, my language arts teacher gave us a prompt to write and reflect on: What is the best age of life? Pretty deep stuff for a twelve year-old.

My answer was “26”.

Because when you’re 26, you are an adult who has a great job and lots of money but are still young and probably don’t have kids yet… Right? That’s what my twelve-year-old self believed at least. What I failed to consider is how you get that great job and full bank account, all while living a healthy and balanced lifestyle . Now that 26 is right around the corner, I have come to realize that there are a lot of challenges and transitions along the way that I didn’t anticipate.

I’m writing this blog because I wish I had a resource to help guide me through some of the major transformations of my early twenties and beyond. Getting your career started is tough, and maintaining your sanity after you’ve landed the job is even tougher. Putting back money and thinking about long-term financial goals is hard to do, especially when you’d rather be spending money on wine and scented candles (whoops!).  It’s easy to fall into some not-so-healthy habits when life has you stressed, even though we know what we really need is to take good care of our minds and bodies.

This blog will speak to all of the challenges of building your career, achieving financial stability, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle centered on mental and physical wellness. I’m still getting this thing called life figured out, but I’ll share with you what I’ve learned on my journey so far and some of the transformations I continue to experience along the way.